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this was an amazing guerilla event which we started in britain. a traffic sign told people where to look. they didn’t expect what happend then. they saw our logo! during the day we have surprised thousands of pedestrians. #lookleft


the next day our cco came up with the suggestion that the idea might work on the other side as well. we tried it out. and once again thousands of pedestrians have been excited before crossing the street. #lookright


Coming up next: Some real cool stuff for the awesome oculus rift hmd device.

do you want to work for us? as a freelancer or an employee? follow us on twitter. all job offers will be tweeted there. @nerdindustries

We have been casted for the new season of “the bachelor” today. This is our first interview where we talk about how much it hurts us to be reduced to our look instead of our skills and feelings.

Once in a while we team up with artists we like to create some stuff together. This time we are proud to announce that Ali As recorded a special song for us – you’ll find it hidden on this website. Ali As is a great german hip hop artist with a unique style and of course a new record out now! Buy “EMWIMO” @ iTunes!

Nerds@work – do we have to say more?

It’s Konrad Zuse. He invented the computer.

New stuff coming soon. Yes, rumors are true, we are working. Some really exciting projects will be launched this summer. Actually it‘s still a secret. As always when we are developing some new #products for our #clients. This time we care for your health. That‘s all we can tell you by now.

#products #clients.

Nerdindustries @IFA 2012.