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A rat from our #ratroulette project having lunch. In case you haven‘t recognized, there are more cute animals hidden in this website.


An experiment on ourselves: What happens to a human body when eating healthy food? We‘ve never found out – ordered a pizza instead. #food


We’ve been invited to the Webinale as Speakers. 45 Minutes we’re going to talk about innovation, showing some of our work and find out how innovative communication will become more important for brands. You’re invited to join us at the 4th of june in berlin!

Yeah, we know this looks like we’re cooking crystal meth in our backyard. You got high by just standing near this alkaline solution from hell. Of course we did this for scientific reasons only.

okay it might not be the greatest invention ever made. even though it’s pretty cool to control powerpoint with a laserpen. but irrevocable this is one of the greatest videos we have ever made!

First we thought about dressing our girls in NI T-shirts. But then we thought: fuck this, we’re the only nerds bringing girls to this convention at all.

We are very proud to announce that the dynasty of nerds will not extinct. Nerdindustries loves you, little boy. @Anja: Good job!

band shirt, check. workplace a mess, check. looking stoned from inhaling to much tin solder, check.

Nope, this ain’t no art performance. It’s a true and serious project. But actually this is just a teaser of an event installation we’re currently working on.

This time we gave our friends something special for x-mas. We surprised them with an all time classic and filmed the whole show with their webcam. This little surprise came with an email attachment we have send them before.