Developing innovations for visionary leaders.

We support companies in the development of innovative products and business models. For our clients, we create technical prototypes, eye-catching installations, marketing concepts, and innovative sales models and strategies. From idea to market launch.

We Create Solutions.

Digitization has changed one thing above all: the speed with which new markets and products are created. Keeping pace means creating new structures, processes, and capacities for companies, all the while maintaining a high degree of agility and flexibility. Our clients work with us because we solve these challenges quickly and effectively. Basically we are something like an efficient, risk-free temporary start-up for them. Fast. Flexible. Disruptive.

Appetite for disruption.

It doesn't matter whether it's a magical book with WiFi connection and mixed reality app or the world's first and largest infrared installation. Whether it's an AUDI A8 waiting at the door with the push of a button or the creation of the first virtual reality sales platform for the retail trade nationwide. Innovations inspire needs. To achieve this, we often have to take new and unknown paths. But that is exactly why our customers hire us - to make the impossible possible.